Introducing Aria Bléu and her debut EP Familiar Stranger

January 17, 2020

If you're looking for some fresh and exciting R&B talent then look no further than Aria Bléu. This talented songstress hailing from New York delivers her debut EP entitled Familiar Stranger.

You can tell this phenomenal body of work has been made with the utmost artistic integrity and musical minds. This project oozes that classic R&B feel of an artist that has a bright future ahead of her.

The EP has so many musical highlights, the production, as well as the vocals, are chilled, grown, strong but passionate. Just imagine Sunday afternoon, windows open preparing the house prior to the afternoon dinner guests arriving, no stress and feeling blessed and Aria Bléu playing.

Joyride the opening track of the EP is enough to get you cheering and screaming for it to be started all over again within the first 30 seconds on harmonies alone. No one is skipping this track, trust me.

The song is not only perfect for the car, but Aria has a knack of making all listeners feel inclusive with her careful selection of lyrics. So it doesn't matter if you're not whipping it. It's still relatable if you're riding the train, or walking on your own or just embarking on a journey with a new boo. So relatable.

"Lessons appear like a Mirage"

Mirage is an amazing song, its production is so on point, bright and upbeat with each important part of the track sitting perfectly. The high hats, the bass, but when the drums come in, oh my wow!

What sticks out for me is the way Aria meets the challenge of this impressive beat with so much elegance and finesse, her flow and timely the pauses keep you wanting and yearning for more.

What a beautify display of songwriting and vocal ability. I hope we get to see a visual for this track in the near future, spring would be the perfect time to unleash this on the world.

A perfect time for an Interlude

Reminiscing continues the great upbeat pace of Mirage but just takes it up another notch, it's a loveable track with great vocal harmonies, an infectious hook and smooth vocal tones throughout, but when the horns come in you just want to hit repeat to experience it all over again. Another gem that is worthy of a video, over to you Aria.

"Are you done"

Well no, Aria's continues showcase her amazing songwriting abilities further on the final track of the EP.

On & On is a solid offering and written with that special skill that you begin to identify through this EP. Aria makes this single and her other tracks so relatable, I can envisage new fans adopting standout songs to their modern lives and adding them to a playlist as I will be. What a great talent to have especially for an artist looking to grow their fanbase to the heights it deserves in 2020.

Aria Bléu does a splendid job of not excluding anyone from experiencing her marvellous abilities through her exceptional EP, you (the listener) can easily adapt your personal situation to any song. The project as a whole has so many great moments, the vocal range, harmonies, penmanship and production points towards a person who is well prepared and ready for her opportunity to make the impact her talent deserves.

Give this amazing body of work a spin, it is very rare to catch someone this talented right at the start of their musical journey. For me, artists like Aria Bléu are the real superstars of today providing pure art and real songwriting perspectives. You can hear the love for her art in her voice and the producers of the project carry this same passion throughout this well-produced debut EP. Big up you guys!

It's time to make room, Aria Bléu is here. Let's face it, this is a brilliant introduction and debut offering and we can't wait to follow this journey and see how your career blossoms.

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