Why artists should visit the Brixton Recording Studios

December 14, 2019

Kwazi Cort visits the Brixton Recording Studios

For our first business and entrepreneurial focus we wanted to shed some light on the Brixton Recording Studios with the help of Kwazi Cort. Over the coming weeks we will be shouting out the great establishments that are setting trends in the UK.

Kwazi Cort & BIMM visit Brixton Recording Studios

London Hip-Hop and Grime artist Kwazi Cort in collaboration BIMM, The British and Irish Modern Music Institute, which has colleges in eight cities where music matters most gives us a tour of a place we love, the Brixton Recording Studios. The Brixton Recording Studios is fast becoming an iconic location for London's most talented recording artists in the new wave of Hip-Hop and Drill and Pop genres. Kwazi goes onto explain the importance of this recording space.

This is a really important studio space in Brixton. It's literally the place where lots of young artists, a lot of the drill artists, rap artists, pop artists come and its a place you can really harness your talent.

Kwazi Cort walking through the Brixton Recording Studio

Kwazi walks us through the Brixton Recording Studios and explains how this community space had an impact on his and other creatives careers. As Kwazi takes the camera around you can see that the walls are steeped in so much tradition. This studio was founded by Jaja Soze a talented entrepreneur, wordsmith and a foundation member of the influential recording Hip-Hop group PDC. This foundation makes the operation of the Brixton Recording Studio even more special to its customers. The studio was built upon the DNA of Brixton and remains the shining beacon in the ever-changing landscape of the modern Brixton regeneration.

The walls are steeped in history and culture, a perfect recipe for creativity.

This modern multi-purpose recording space has been built with the next generation of artists in mind, the complex exudes the character of Brixton and gives so much hope and motivation to not only its customers but to many others all around the UK. Undoubtedly the Brixton Recording Studio has a social impact that reaches far wider than its central Brixton location. This is so apparent because this business is spoken about in such high regard by some of the UK's most influential creative arts and music platforms. Kwazi goes onto say:

The Brixton Recording Studio boats state of the art equipment in a multi functional facility.
It kind of represents how far we have come as a culture, a lot of the drill artists, rap artists, pop artists come, and its a place you can really harness your talent.

The Brixton Recording Studios is a professional Recording Studio that offers an impressive array of Artist Development A&R, production and recording services, top-class equipment, and affordable rates in a picturesque studio.

This multi-purpose space allows you to record, rehearse, and master your art. If you're looking to take your audio media career to a new level in the coming year then this is the place for you. They even have bespoke mentoring packages at very affordable rates for creatives who require a little more from their usual studio recording space.

Here are some of the creative packages on offer here at the Brixton Recording Studios

- Artist Career Consultation

- Social Media Consultation

- Hire Studio - Film, Interviews, Photography, Listening Party

- 6 Months Studio Booking (1 Hour FREE per week)

To view the full list the unique service packages click here.

Book your session at the Brixton Recording Studios via the website brixtonrecordingstudios.com

Email: info@brixtonrecordingstudios.com

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