Market music the right way

April 2, 2020

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In todays landscape of music artists are required to be even more creative with their social media presence especially in today's current climate of isolation and restrictions.

Promoting your craft online is a must for any musician or business, especially if you want to engage your audience and generate streams, downloads or merchandise sales. In these modern times if you're not online you dont exist. Not many business are afforded the luxury in having sales without having a physical shop. So the timeline, Facebook & Instagram stories & IGTV have become prime locations to engage online audiences.

Here are some real of the examples you can order to promote your next release.



Aruba Red

Sound Wave Visualiser

Light Beat Visualiser

HUD Visualiser

Retro Lyric Video Visualiser

Lyric Video Visualiser

Tape Cassette Visualiser

Ring Visualiser

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