Nasty Jack - Lyta Zod (Prod. Shannon Parkes)

January 31, 2020

Watch Nasty Jack - Lyta Zod

Watch the video here. Directed by Flash Spacey.

Nasty Jack releases the eagerly awaited video to Lyta Zod, the beat which was produced by Shannon Parkes allows Nasty Jack to blesses us with a memorable flow which is jam-packed with catchy metaphors and memorable punchlines. Nasty Jack the passionate and talented Grime stage show don never misses a chance to project his infectious energy when performing and he does this effortlessly throughout the gritty and grainy Flash Spacey directed video.

"Do my dance like Diddy"

As an artist, Nasty Jack just amazes me with his relentless work rate, numerous cadences sublime hooks. Jack's contribution to music as a whole should not be undermined, his output is damn right ridiculous and flat our inspiring. If you're looking for regular releases from an artist when everyone else seems to be posing it up on the gram, then what are you waiting for? give Nasty Jack a follow right now. Rumour has it there is even more music waiting to be uploaded by his manager.

"Don't call me, yeah, you better call Becky"

Jack has been ever-present throughout some of the most iconic moments in Grime and still even to this day, last week he has me crying with tears of laughter in his DJ Argue's Grime History Lesson & Grime Debate.

Make sure you follow and support Nasty Jack via his music channels and especially his Bandcamp, his huge back catalogue of projects rivals some of your favourite emcee's discography. Let us please give him his flowers while he is here! Congratulations on the release and we look forward to hearing more.

"RIP Stormin my nizzy"

Nasty Jack on Twitter & Instagram, Spotify, iTunes & Bandcamp.

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